Mission of JACHRO


Supporting true “CHRO's” promoting new HR strategies focusing not traditionally on their “Controlling” functions, but on their “Planing and Designing” functions.

Dramatic changes of business environment even accelerated by Industry 4.0, Digitalization such as AI, Robotics, and borderless competitions including emerging economies.

The traditional Management tends to focus on domestic or know name competitors which is no longer good enough.  New and unknown competitors popping up anytime from anywhere in globe.

Rapid changes of labor market from decreasing birthrate and aging population, forces changes to existing HR practices and work style in Japan.  Vertical segmentations of work forces by job titles and skills becoming bottleneck for innovation of HR management, and internally focused and closed management style becoming to an end in this digitalized world.  The importance of Human Resources is more critical than ever for corporations to realize continuous growth within global competitions.

Japan Association for Chief Human Resources Officers (JACHRO) leads researches and studies of HR Management and Strategies from organizations throughout the globe, and to provide innovative and practical allegations to HR societies in Japan: to foster Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO)  and to promote Business Leaders.


Background of JACHRO

Accelerating Globalization and Changes in Business Environment

Due to the advance of digital technology business services have been increasing rapidly and the expansion of the borderless competitive environment including those in also emerging countries, the industrial structure is undergoing major changes. Furthermore, the labor market has undergone a major change, such as a change in population dynamics caused by a declining birthrate, an aging population and the rapid increase of foreign employees including overseas bases.

Worldwide, as the multi-polarization with emerging countries progresses and the coexistence of various values is required, capitalism itself is transforming into new capitalism that emphasizes intangible value. In this trend, the promising young generation will have new values and lifestyles.


Needs of new HR strategies to foster and promote innovative “Human Capitals Management”

In order to overcome such changes in industrial and social structure and to provide new value to the market constantly, it is necessary for an organization to transform itself into that with continuous innovation. Unfortunately, the lifetime employment that has supported the era of high growth age and the Japanese-type management system represented by seniority is already causing malfunctions, all managers feel that causing the changes in the new society, in values and in the industrial structure is the top priority.

In order to accomplish this corporate transformation, it is necessary to create a flexible and highly specialized organization that creates innovation, and for that purpose, it is needless to say that making "human” configuring those organizations is the most important. The management resources "human" are among the most important times.


Japan Association for CHROs 


Organization name Japan Association for Chief Human Resource Officers
Date founded October 2018
Chairman Nobuhide Nakaido
Head Office Hirakawa-cho 2-7-3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sister organization



Board of Directors


Chairman  Nobuhide Nakaido Ex. Chairman, SCSK Corporation, Ex. Executive Vice President, Sumitomo Corporation
Executive Director  Hiroshi Yaguchi Executive Director, Japan Associations of Chief Financial Officers
Board members
(alphabetical order)
 Kai Hielscher Executive Officer, Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co
Masayuki Nishida Executive Officer, CHRO and General Manager of Human Resources Strategy Division, CAINZ Corporation.
President, CAINZ Academia.
 Takashi Iwamoto Professor, Keio University
 Yusaburo Hidaka Executive Fellow, TIS INTEC Group
Auditor  Kenji Tamakoshi Tax accountant, JACFO Auditor



Executive Office


Hirakawa-cho 2-7-3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL:03-6825-6488 FAX:03-3556-2320

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