Japan is in structural spiral of decline of labor population with lower birth rate and aging. It is critical agenda to promote elderly and female workforces. To accomplish this, Corporate top managements have to commit and pursue “Work Style Reformations”, and need to have leaders in organizations who can develop and drive “Human Capital Management Strategies”

When I was appointed to President of SCS (currently known as SCSK), an IT affiliate of CSK, putting efforts and focus to build better work environments: reforming office with open, light and healthy work spaces, reducing long work hours, promoting health management, extension of retirement age, and fair work opportunities for female workers.
As a result, SCSK was selected as 1st place in “the best work place award” for
two years in a row, and also honored by the government, as “the most advanced company for female workers to flourish”.
It would like to share my experiences with many of those in business and contributing to establish corporate business management systems innovative and producing higher value products and services in progressive and competitive global markets by promoting further business efficiencies and effectiveness.

Japan Association for Chief Human Resources Officers (JACHRO) is a sister organization of Japan Association for Chief Financial Officers (JACFO) for proactive interactions with various corporations and organizations, and to allege and implement various HR policies and strategies including enhancing mobilities of global human resources. JACHRO, through its activities, contributing to develop corporations and economies in Japan for their next success by fostering and promoting strong business leaders in global competitions. I would like to welcome business leasers to join JACHRO, to share our mission and objectives.

Nobuhide Nakaido
Chairman, JACHRO

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